ESW 2021 Conference Schedule

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  • Please note the times noted on the schedule were for the live event. You will have 24/7 access to all recorded events and document loads until April 10.
Time (MST)ActivityLocationAgenda
Time (MST)Activity
7:30 AMOnline access opens – REMEMBER All scheduled times are US Mountain Time Zone (MST)
8:00 AMWelcome to ESW 2021; Kevin Lippert, Chair ESW 2021
8:30 AMProtecting Workers from Electromagnetic Induction During Line-Stringing Operations; David Wallis, Brian Erga
9:15 AMWorking Together, Six Feet Apart; Anthony (Tony) Demaria, Jr., Katie Scarlett Reyes, Joe Barrios
10:00 AM15 minute break - opportunity to visit exhibits
10:15 AMTo Ground or Not to Ground; Kenneth Sellars
10:30 AM Methods for Evaluating DC Arc Incident Energy in PV Systems; William Sekulic, Albert Marroquin, Peter McNutt
11:15 AMWorking Around Electricity: Actions Leading to Electrical Fatalities; Brett Brenner, Daniel Majano
12:00 PMOne hour break - opportunity to visit exhibits
1:00 PMGood Things Can Come from Bad Events; Robert LeRoy
1:15 PMTroubleshooting: The "Acceptable" Energized Work; Karl M. Cunningham, Michael Kovacic
2:00 PMWhat Happens when the Host Employer makes a Mistake?; Dennis Kennedy
2:15 PM30 minute break - opportunity to visit exhibits
2:45 PMPrevention through Design Engineering Student Initiative – Introduction; Paymen Dehghanian

Breakout Student PtD Focus Sessions:

Analyzing Accidents Among Electrical Contractors: A Data Mining Approach; Ikechukwu Onuchukwu, George Mason University, USA
Novel Pre-Diagnosis Strategies for Medium-Low Voltage Arc Flash; Xiaotian Tang, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
Power Consumption at 230V Single-Phase Can be Made as Safe as 120V Systems; Rajesh Pindoria, Indian Institute of Technology Mandi, India
TN-Island System Shipside and TT-System Shore side for Cold Ironing; Erfan Shirdare, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy
Reducing Wildfire Risks with AI-Based Integrated Satellite & Drone Vegetation Inspection; Michele Gazzea, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, Norway
Powering through Wildfires: An Integrated Solution for Enhanced Safety and Resilience in Power Grids; Mostafa Nazemi, George Washington University, USA
Enhancing Electrical Safety through EV Fleet Scheduling for Resilient Response to Natural Disasters; Yanchang Liang, North China Electric Power University, China
Object Detection and Distance Estimation for Physical Protection against Substation Attacks; Qiqi Hao, University of Pittsburgh, USA
5:00 PMStudent Focus Sessions Ends - opportunity to visit exhibits
Time (MST)Activity
7:00 AMOnline access opens – opportunity to visit exhibits
REMEMBER All scheduled times are US Mountain Time Zone (MST)
8:00 AMA Balanced Scorecard of Leading and Lagging Indicators for Your Electrical Safety Program; Lanny Floyd
8:45 AM Effective Job Briefings Improve Safety; Ray Crow
9:00 AMReliability and Safety of Electric Power Systems; Alan M. Ross
9:45 AM30 minute break - opportunity to visit exhibits
10:15 AMReconditioned Low-Voltage Circuit Breakers - Are They Really Safe?; David B. Durocher, Thomas Domitrovich
11:00 AMDefining the Role of the "Employee in Charge" in Electrical Safety Work; Al Havens
11:45 AMMark your Calendar for ESW 2022 Jacksonville; Mark Scott, Chair ESW 2022
12:00 PMOne hour break - opportunity to visit exhibits
1:00 PMEquivalent Formulas for Determining Incident Heat Energy for Various Fault Currents and Clearing Times used in NESC and OSHA Regulations; Marcia L Eblen, Tom Short, Zarheer Jooma
1:45 PMUnderstanding and Getting Involved in NFPA’s Standards Development Process; Diana Jones, David Pace
2:00 PMTown Hall Focus Session Introduction; Eva Clark

Town Hall Breakout Focus Sessions:

A State by State Comparison of Occupational Electrical Work Fatalities; Tammy Gammon, Derek Vigstol
Electrical Fatality Rate and Epidemiologically Consideration by Electric Shock in Japan, 2015-2017; Norimitsu Ichikawa, Satoshi Sakaue
Comparison of IEEE 1584-2018 Predictions with Tests on Real-World Equipment; Tom Short, Marcia Eblen
Test Equipment...The Hazards of Preventative Maintenance in an Electrically Safe Work Condition; Michael King, Juan Perez
4:30 PMFocus Sessions Ends - opportunity to visit exhibits
Time (MST)Activity
7:00 AMOnline access opens – REMEMBER All scheduled times are US Mountain Time Zone (MST)
8:00 AM5-Minute Job - Training an Unqualified Worker For When Things Go Wrong; Joe Rachford.
8:45 AMArc Flash Incident in Wind Turbine; Ron Zieber, Wayne Oliver
9:00 AMElectricity Accidents in Brazil: The Data and Characteristics of Accidents. What is Being Done to Change This Scenario; Edson Martinho
9:45 AM30 minute break - opportunity to visit exhibits
10:15 AMSolid State Circuit Breakers – The All-In-One Device that Can Reduce Equipment Damage, Reduce Arc Flash Hazard and Perform the Functions of Other Equipment in an Electrical Distribution System; Jay Prigmore, Doug Ehlers
11:00 AMAwards & Recognition; Daniel Roberts, Chair IEEE IAS Electrical Safety Committee
12:00 PMOne hour break - opportunity to visit exhibits
1:00 PMPrevention Through Design, Strategies to Reduce the Hazards Of Stationary Battery Systems Through Intelligent Design; Michael P. O'Brien, John R. Todora
1:45 PMArc-Flash PPE – A Simplified Constant Energy Line Table Method; Remi Halle, Kirk Gray, Daniel Roberts, Marcelo Valdes
2:30 PMLessons Learned Developing Standardized PPE Levels and Task Specific Risk Assessments for a Multinational Company; John Mason, Joshua Kerr, Donald Lockhart, Elihu “Hugh” Hoagland
2:45 PMAn Accident Waiting to Happen; Wes Mozley
3:00 PMESW 2021 Wrap Up; Kevin Lippert, Chair ESW 2021
3:15 PMProduct & Services Expo

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5:30 PMVideo recordings of the Presentation and Exhibition will be available for the next 30 days.

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