Commercialism and Ethics

The IEEE IAS Electrical Safety Workshop (ESW) is designed to bring people together from various perspectives, groups, enterprises, agencies, communities, societies and affiliations to further its mission of hanging the electrical safety culture.

In recognition of the diverse presentations and audiences that are joined together by this effort, the ESW must establish an open, respectful, and professional forum. This forum includes both the exchange of technical information independent of commercial issues, and the display of products and services that are commercial in nature.

Participation in the ESW from all interested parties is essential. To this end, the participation of all interested parties, as long as it is appropriate, is not only welcome but is encouraged. The Electrical Safety Workshop Policy on Business Ethics, Commercialism, and Vendor Entertainment Etiquette was developed to provide guidelines to protect the integrity of the ESW and to prevent any potential conflicts or compromises relating to business ethics, commercialism, and/or vendor entertainment etiquette.

All associated with the ESW must conduct themselves in accordance with this policy, which applies to:

  • Technical Presentations
  • Commercial Displays
  • Hospitality Rooms
  • Vendor Entertainment
  • Use of Workshop Logo
  • Use of Attendee Contact Data

Failure to follow the policy can lead to disciplinary action.

Download the Policy (DOC)

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