Organizing Committee

Below are the ESW Organizing Committee members.

Zarheer JoomaESW 2025 Chair, Technical Program VCe-HazardEmail
Jay PrigmorePast ESW 2024 ChairGoogleEmail
Kevin LippertAwards and Recognition ChairRetired, EatonEmail
Scott SeaverProduct Expo VC, Awards and Recognition VC
Hubbell Wiring Device/KellemsEmail
Dan Doan
Electrical Safety Committee ChairRetired, DuPontEmail
Steve GlassHotel Liaison
Glass & AssociatesEmail
Rebecca KrishnamurthyHotel Liaison BackupRNA Associates, IncEmail
Michelle SmithESW Secretarye-HazardEmail
Kathleen CyrusESW Secretarye-HazardEmail
Thomas DomitrovichConference Support Materials ChairEatonEmail
Bob Leroy
Conference Support Materials VCN/AEmail
Michael Kovacic
Conference Tech Support ChairES Squared SafetyEmail
Jennifer Martin
Conference Tech Support VCPacific Northwest National LaboratoryEmail
Wes MozleyCorporate Support ChairSandia National LaboratoriesEmail
Karl CunninghamCorporate Support VC, Local Committee ChairES Squared, Inc.Email
Marcelo ValdesEventMobi App ChairABBEmail
Steve Wilson
Finance ChairRetired, ArcelorMittal DofascoEmail
Rene Graves
Finance VCe-HazardEmail
Eva Clark
Focus Session Chair, Student Program VCSandia National LaboratoriesEmail
Payman DehghanianStudent Program Chair, Focus Session VC
Associate Professor, George Washington UniversityEmail
Valerie Wilson
Guest Coordinator ChairRetired, HWDSBEmail
Carmela Hill

Guest Coordinator VCN/AEmail
Steffie OwenHospitality ChairShermcoEmail
Sergio PanettaHospitality VCi-GardEmail
Joseph WuLocal Committee IEEE RepresentativeEmail
Keith KummLocal Committee IEEE RepresentativeEmail
Kevin Warren

Product Expo ChairSchewitzer Engineering LaboratoriesEmail
David Pace
Publicity ChairOlinEmail
Lanny Floyd
Publicity VCElectrical Safety Group, Inc.Email
Lloyd Gordon
Standards Liaison, Technical Program VC RetiredEmail
Nehad El-SherifSocial Media Chair, Website Support ChairMNKYBR Technologies Inc.Email
Paul SullivanRegistration Chair, EventMobi App VCDuPontEmail
Nelson AmyRegistration VCIndustrial Safety Training CouncilEmail
Dennis HillTechnical Program Chair
Nexus EngineeringEmail
Terry Perilloux
Tutorial Program ChairMarathonEmail
Heath GarrisonTutorial Program VC
National Renewable Energy LaboratoryEmail

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