Continuing Education Certification

Continuing Education Units (CEU) or Professional Development Hours (PDH) Credits

A single fee covers Continuing Education Units for the ESW technical sessions and any tutorial(s) attended. This fee only covers the cost of obtaining CEU’s for the ESW technical sessions and tutorials if all the requirements listed below for receiving CEU’s are completed. Each tutorial, for which CEU’s are claimed, must be purchased in addition to the fee for obtaining CEU’s.

You can receive up to 3.3 CEUs (33 PDHs) awarded by IEEE by attending all ESW technical sessions and two (2) tutorials after submitting the required documentation.

  • Attend all ESW technical sessions = 2.5 CEUs (25 PDHs)
    • (6 ESW sessions) x (0.35 CEU credits for each session) + (0.4 CEU credits for attending the exhibits) = 2.5 CEU credits (25 PDHs)
  • Tutorials = 0.4 CEUs (4 PDHs)/ tutorial
  • The IEEE and CEUs information can be found on the IEEE Certificates Program page.

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Requirements to receive CEU/PDH credits for the ESW

  • Completion of one evaluation sheet for the ESW and completion of the questionnaire to validate each ESW session you attend.
  • Attendance to all ESW sessions is required for full CEU/PDH credit for the ESW, but partial credit is earned for each session you attend.

Requirements to receive CEU/PDH credits for tutorials

  • Completion of an evaluation sheet is required for each tutorial you attend.

    • Provide completed evaluation/survey to the instructor prior to logging out of the tutorial.


In order to obtain CEU/PDH credits, complete documentation must be completed and submitted before logging out each day.

Late submissions or emailed submissions will not be accepted.

No refunds will be given for fees paid to get CEU’s/PDHs if documentation is not submitted on time or for partial attendance at the sessions.