First Time Attendees

First time attendees will find the ESW has a unique mission.

Since its inception in Dallas in September 1991, the IEEE IAS Electrical Safety Workshop has provided the premier international forum to enable and accelerate change in the electrical safety culture and pushing the envelope on what is possible in preventing workplace injuries from electrical hazards.

The mass market in electrical safety conferences is in the area of training and compliance with standards and regulations – helping people and organizations understand and apply current requirements. While this is essential in preventing electrical incidents and injuries, it is not the primary mission of the IEEE IAS Electrical Safety Workshop. Our mission is more about path finding and creating the future in electrical safety by changing how we think about what is possible, or in other words, changing the electrical safety culture.

For over 28 years the ESW has established itself as the industry’s premier electrical safety conference. Click Here to Register Now

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As a first time attendee, you will find yourself in the company of people who share a passion for advancing the state of the art in electrical safety. Learn More.

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What to Expect

As a first time attendee, you will find yourself in the company of people who share a passion for advancing the state of the art in electrical safety. You will hear viewpoints from diverse prospectives. People from different industries, from science and medicine, from electrical technology companies, from safety professionals, from government regulators, and from people from countries other than yours. Targeted audiences include but are not limited to people involved in electrical safety in these areas of interest:

  • Facilities construction, operation, and maintenance
  • Facilities and process design
  • Inherently safer products and equipment
  • Electrical safety services
  • Training and continuing education
  • Regulations and standards
  • Forensics
  • Risk management
  • Workplace safety
  • Human error and human factors

Interact at ESW

While the ESW attendance continues to grow, the organizers strive to maintain an intimate, workshop experience for all. Technical presentations encourage interactive dialog. Meals, refreshment breaks and socials are designed to encourage networking and interaction with friends, colleagues and new acquaintances.

There will be a “First Time Attendee Get Together” on Tuesday evening from 5:30 – 6:00 pm (exact location TBD). All first time attendees are invited to attend.

The IEEE IAS Electrical Safety Workshop is changing the electrical safety culture and discovering new pathways for preventing injury from electrical hazards in the workplace. We welcome your involvement!

First Time Attendees will be able to select a tutorial at a reduced price. You must register for the tutorial when you register for the ESW conference.

Continuing Education Certification

ESW offers continuing education units (CEU) or professional development hours (PDH) credits – Details

Interested in Attending?

Send an Email to Key Decision Makers. Copy, adjust and send. It’s that easy!

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To: [Recipient]
In an effort to help [our company / organization] stay ahead of the trends and standards for electrical safety, I request authorization to attend the Electrical Safety Workshop (ESW) virtually the week of March 8, 2021.

For over 28 years the ESW has established itself as the industry's premier electrical safety conference in the world and has become the premier global forum to enable and accelerate change in the electrical safety culture. The Work Shop, is sponsored and presented by the non-profit IEEE IAS. Its technical program, which has long-served as an incubator for electrical safety best-practices and standards development, will include five days of technical papers and in-depth tutorials presented by many standards committee leaders and key influencers. I will also be networking with over 500 industry leaders who are shaping electrical safety best-practices.

Although there are many conference options and limited funds for such events, ESW stands out among the crowd with actionable solutions for many of our safety, management and uptime goals. Through my participation in ESW, I will:

DISCOVER the latest emerging safety trends - Many of the best practices cited in NFPA 70E and CSA Z462 were first explored in the ESW Technical Program. The best way to stay ahead of where the standards are leading, rather than reacting to them, is to listen to the people shaping those standards and best practices.

MASTER electrical safety fundamentals - ESW provides technical presentations, case history, and tutorials on all aspects of electrical safety, to help us align safety practices across our organization with the industry standards. Past presentations have focused on Arc Flash Calculation, AC vs DC Hazards, Risk Assessment, Management Considerations, Human Performance Considerations, PPE, New Technologies, Grounding, Overhead Lines, Construction Challenges, Statistical Analysis, Authorized Personnel, etc.

COMMUNICATE effectively with major stakeholders - With attendance including over 500 of the top safety professionals, consultants, facility owners and managers, equipment manufacturers, and code enforcers from across North America and around the world, I will have the opportunity to meet and learn from others who face the same strategic and day-to-day challenges we do.

CREATE high-value return on investment (ROI) - 95% of past attendees state that they are able to implement something they learned at ESW immediately upon their return. I am confident that economic ROI will be significant, and that the intangible ROI of personnel safety is priceless.
EXPERIENCE the latest tools and technologies - With innovation occurring at a rapid pace, ESW holds a three-hour Product and Services Exhibition that will expose me to leading-edge technologies in electric shock and arc-flash hazards, equipment design, human performance, safety programs, maintenance, injury prevention, and standards updates.

ADVANCE my ongoing education and professional development - ESW offers continuing education units (CEU) or professional development hours (PDH) credits.

Thank you for considering my request. If you agree with my assessment of this opportunity, I would like to schedule this trip to take advantage of savings that may be available for advanced bookings.
[Your Name Here]