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For over 28 years the ESW has established itself as the industry’s premier electrical safety conference in the world and has become the premier global forum to enable and accelerate change in the electrical safety culture. The Work Shop, is sponsored and presented by the non-profit IEEE IAS. Its technical program, which has long-served as an incubator for electrical safety best-practices and standards development, will include five days of technical papers and in-depth tutorials presented by many standards committee leaders and key influencers. I will also be networking with over 500 industry leaders who are shaping electrical safety best-practices.

At ESW you will…

  • DISCOVER the latest in emerging technology
  • MASTER electrical safety fundamentals
  • COMMUNICATE with leaders in the industry
  • CREATE a high return on value by implementing what you’ve learned at our conference –
  • EXPERIENCE the latest tools and technology
  • ADVANCE your continued education.

We can’t wait for you to participate in one of the best and most informative electrical safety conferences in the US. Use the links below to Register and learn more about the conference and what there is to do in beautiful Tucson, Arizona.

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For over 28 years the ESW has established itself as the industry’s premier electrical safety conference. We look forward to seeing you at the next ESW!

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Steering Committee

Governance and long-term strategic planning for the IEEE IAS Electrical Safety Workshop is the responsibility of the IAS Electrical Safety Committee. It functions under the Policies of the IEEE and the Constitution, Bylaws, Operating Policies and Procedures of the IEEE Industry Applications Society.

The IAS Electrical Safety Committee meets at the annual IEEE IAS Electrical Safety Workshop, generally held February – March.

Our Mission

  • Accelerate application of breakthrough improvements in human factors, technology, and managing systems that reduce risk of electrical injuries
  • Stimulate innovation in overcoming barriers
  • Change and advance the electrical safety culture to enable sustainable improvements in prevention of electrical accidents and injuries

Our Strategy

  • Provide forums for people to meet and exchange ideas for preventing electrical accidents and injuries in the workplace
  • Accelerate advancements in development and application of technology, work practices, standards, and regulations
  • Link professionals and centers of excellence in industry, engineering, government and medicine

Body of Knowledge

Since the first ESW was held in 1992, more than 600 technical presentations and 60 tutorials have been presented at the annual ESW. Body of Knowledge (PDF) document contains an index of papers and presentations through 2017.